"After being a non-profit CEO for over 18 years, Bea Fields helped me discover better ways of organizing my life professionally which has reduced my stress level by 50%! I am now a more productive CEO for my organization and a more effective manager of our team members. Through weeks of coaching, Bea helped me realize some central weaknesses in my communication styles and at the same time helped me turn these weaknesses into opportunities that will be me the best possible manager and leader I can be."

Elyse Hillegass
Gaston County Chamber of Commerce


"I enthusiastically recommend Bea Fields, President of Five Star Leader and Bea Fields Companies for anyone who is interested in corporate level coaching and training. Bea has led workshops for Capel, Incorporated over three years. Her speaking style is professional and down-to-earth. I have been impressed at how well Bea adapts to the group she is leading, changing to suit the group's personality, whether it is a top management group or mid-level managers. As Bea covers a lot of interesting material, she keeps the pace moving and keeps everyone focused.

One of our management teams has enjoyed having Bea at their annual meeting. Capel's Service to Customer's Improvement Team (SCIT) has learned much from three years of Bea's workshops. As Chairman, I feel the seminars build on each other and have helped each of the members be better department managers and future leaders. Bea is able to encourage group communication to help us identify and solve internal issues. The workshops are very educational but also fun."

Mary Clara Capel
Director of Adminstration
Capel, Inc.

"I have worked with Bea Fields of Five Star Leader Coaching and Training in many areas. The 360 degree feedback process, live training programs and executive and team coaching are at the top of the list of services they offer. The feedback and training my team and I received were some of the most powerful tools we needed to reach our company sales goals and to integrate our overall change process. I would highly recommend Bea Fields and the Five Star Leader process to any companies who are serious about improving overall employee performance."

Pam Gantt
Key Mortgage, LLC