The ROI of Coaching

The coaching profession is on the brink of exploding! Of the **$80 billion currently being spent on corporate education, it is estimated that less than 3% is spent on executive coaching at senior executive levels in Fortune 500 companies. Yet the benefits of hiring a coach are insurmountable. A survey by Manchester Consulting of their Fortune 1000 clients found the return on investment for coaching services over a 6-12 month period:

  • Monetary return was 6 times the coaching investment
  • 71% improved relationships with their bosses
  • 77% reported improved relationships with their direct reports

As coaching becomes more mainstream and approaches critical mass in 2010, you will witness cutting-edge companies hire coaches and emerge as industry leaders. These companies will not only meet, but exceed sales goals and bottom-line profit margins.


Since 1998, I have been working with what I call "Emerging Leaders", those men and women who are transitioning from being a great manager or business owner into being a very significant leader in their organizations or communities. With this transition comes many challenges and a brand new approach to leadership coaching -- one that includes a focus on rapid knowledge acquisition, the ability to handle chaos and change, innovation, technology, engaging a variety of cultures, quick decision making and sharp execution.

The Five Star Leader Emerging Leaders Coaching Program is designed to support both young and more seasoned leaders to make a shift from a resistance to risk and change to embracing risk and change by making quick, smart decisions and then learning from the feedback of each decision made. Throughout the coaching program, we will be looking closely at global developments and the impact they are having on your company, organization or community and the way leaders navigate the constant change and turbulence we are facing.

About the Five Star Leader Emerging Leaders Coaching Program


*According to the Wall Street Journal

**According to FLI Research

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