Leadership Coaching

The Five Star Leader leadership coaching programs are designed to help top decision makers and their teams strenghten their leadership and communication skills and avoid many of the common derailment factors which often contribute to team conflict, stress and a decline in morale. In the end, any one of these common challenges can cause your company to lose valuable time, money and resources.

Studies have shown that leadership coaching is one of the most effective tools available today to help executives reduce such challenges, enhance their leadership skills and get quick answers to some of the worries which keep them awake at night including:

1. How do I get my team to actually do the jobs I have empowered them to do?

2. How do I create an environment where my top employees’ contributions can keep my company relevant in today’s world?

3. How do I prevent my top talent from jumping ship with the knowledge I have empowered them to deploy?

4. How do I reduce team conflict when the pressure's on?

5. How do I increase my bottom line profits when the economy is sluggish and the war on talent continues to escalate?

6. How do I lead from a place that is authentic without destroying my credibility?

7. How do I get my team to work more efficiently and effectively so that we save time and resources?

If any of these scenarios resonate with the issues that are causing you the greatest concern financially, in your career, or with retaining top talent, contact Bea Fields today at (910) 692-6118 to book her for a 30-minute consultation.   A credible, tough and authentic coach, Bea can help you get to YES in the workplace and feel great about the accomplishments you and your team members are making in your company.  With time tested, time proven and reliable approaches to easing the pains you may be feeling in the workplace, Bea is here to help you bridge the gap across people and generations to create growth and profitability for your company.