About The Emerging Leaders Coaching Program

We each have what I call a "Leadership Achilles Heel", which is usually one key behavior which seems to always pinch us, cause us pain and hold us back from the success we know we can achieve. Designed specifically for the rising superstar, the Five Star Leader Emerging Leaders Program is super simple, yet it works.

In working with over 800 professionals, I have discovered that focusing on multiple goals at one time is quite defeating for the most savvy of leaders. Yet by honing in on one key behavior (our "Leadership Achilles Heel") for 6-12 months, an emerging leader can move ahead with lightning speed, because improvement in one area leads to multiple successes in other areas of life and leadership. While this is not rocket science, most leaders will be the first to tell you that they try to tackle more than they can chew at one time, which is a recipe for disaster.

This new program is not easy...it's as tough as nails, and the leaders who truly understand that their behavior is the key to improving their results will thrive with this new program. The starting point is to understand that only followers can determine if you are a leader, and hearing what they have to say about you (both the good and the bad) is the first step in the direction of change. If you would like more information, please call me by telephone at (910) 692-6118.

The Emerging Leaders Coaching Program Process

Phase 1: Assessment

During the initial phase, I will be gathering extensive data on your portfolio of skills and strengths while gaining insight into your history to thoroughly assess your current situation. During this time, I will be performing a 360 Degree Feedback Review to determine what leadership competency your colleagues, followers, team and family members would most like to see you improve or enhance so that you are as effective as possible as a leader.

Phase 2: Establishing a Plan of Action

The second phase of the Emerging Leaders Coaching Program will focus on setting specific goals and designing an action plan to support you in meeting your personal and professional objectives.

Phase 3: Implementation

During the third phase, I will be using a variety of coaching tools and resources with you so that your action plan is implemented and goals are achieved. During the implementation phase, as your coach, I will be looking for blind spots, derailment factors, breakdown in communication, and multiple aspects of leadership development which can expedite or impede your progress. We will be focusing on the intangible assets of leadership, knowledge, talent, process, organization, decision making, execution, integrity and culture, which are vital skills for leaders to hone in this new millennium.

Phase 4: Evaluation

During phase four, together we will be assessing your progress and formulating a system for evaluating what is working/what is not so that your success is constant.

Coaching Sessions

Leadership coaching is offered by telephone for national and international clients and face to face for clients in the Moore County, North Carolina region. Coaching calls are typically held two or four times per month, usually over a period of 6-12 months and is combined with customized training to meet the needs of both leaders and teams. Customer service is important to me, and I am easily accessible by phone and e-mail between sessions for my clients. All coaching conversations are kept strictly confidential, I consider my clients my partners, and my sole interest is your success.

If the Five Star Leader Emerging Leaders Program sounds like it would be a good fit for you or your organization, please contact me today at (910) 692-6118 for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.