Designing the Self Environment

As humans, we are born with an amazing amount of potential, and we have within our grasp the ability to become a healing, energetic, and protective force in our homes, at work, in our communities, and in nature. By recognizing the amazing person that you are and all that you encompass and by making small yet important daily changes in YOU (the Environment of Self), it is possible to create a powerful positive shift in the world. The goal of designing the Environment of Self is to add more energy and passion to your own life and to the world and to be fully engaged through being physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually grounded.

Many people ask me, so where do I begin to design a rock solid Self Environment? I believe that the first step in designing the environment of self is to take a close look at every single aspect of your being...your whole self inventory. This one very close look at who you are and what you bring to the world can be enlightening and can create a shift by simply answering these questions.

What are Your Signature Strengths?

According to Merriam-Webster, a strength is a strong attribute or inherent asset. According to Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, authors of the book NOW, Discover Your Strengths, a strength is consistent near perfect performance in an activity. Do you have an amazing confidence in your abilities and judgment? If so, you may have a strength of Self-Assurance. Do you enjoy meeting new people, and winning them over? If so, you may have a strength of Woo. The strengths profile finder reveals 34 themes of strengths, and What Color is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles offers over 246 skills used as verbs. Strengths are considered to be that element which is strong for you which is usually a combination of talents, knowledge, and skills. For more information on discovering your top signature strengths, visit and take the Strengths Finder Profile. This one tool is truly enlightening.

What are Your God-Given Talents?

Talents are your naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior and are often considered to be a special often creative or artistic aptitude. Example: To have the power of amazing communication is a talent, and when you then take this talent and help others build a thriving network, it becomes a strength. Or, to have the ability to draw is a talent, and to turn this ability into a blueprint for a house or building would be a strength. Spend some time starting today reflecting on your talents, and ask others what they see is a gift that you bring to the world.

What Are Your Skills?

Skills are a learned power of doing something competently or the steps of an activity. If you are someone who has the talent of transforming something mediocre into something superb, and you learn the skills of coaching, you can develop the strength of Maximizer or of becoming a Masterful Coach. Your skills are the foundation of living a masterful life, so ask yourself this question: "What are all of the skills I have acquired during my life that I can use to develop a fully engaged Self Environment?"

What is Your Knowledge Base?

Your knowledge consists of the facts you have learned through the process of both formal and informal education. You may be born with an amazing singing talent, and you acquire a Master's Degree in Music from the Julliard School . You then develop an amazing strength of the ability to teach others or to perform at the Royal Opera House. You may have a strong educational background in technical or writing skills, nursing, insurance, financial planning, gardening, and so on. The goal with this question is for you to clearly identify your knowledge on paper to remind yourself of the amazing knowledge you can bring to a variety of situations.

What Are Your Life Experiences?

Each and everything you do in life can be extremely important in developing your skills, knowledge, aptitudes, expertise, and capabilities. Your life experiences are very valuable to developing the Self Environment. These experiences can include a trip around the world, the illness of a child, the death of a loved one, a wonderful relationship you shared, a break-up or divorce, the loss of a job, or an amazing job you held as a volunteer. By seeing the everyday things you do as valuable experiences, you will find an incredible amount of inspiration and depth to your character, and you can be a teacher for others.

What Kind of Energy Do You Carry With You When You Walk Into a Room?

As humans, we are complex systems of energy. We have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy, and we exude this each time we walk into a room. We may bring with us a dynamic of toxic energy (exhausted, angry, fearful, hopeless,) or we may bring with us a dynamic of energy which adds pleasant vibes to a room (invigorated, confident, peaceful, or relaxing.) Take a close look at the energy you carry with you, and be rigorous with your self examination. What is your energy level, and how is this affecting the world around you?

What is Your Personal Philosophy?

Your personal philosophy is your general understanding of values, life, and the world based on your internal speculation as opposed to knowledge or observation. It is your personal point of view, your model of the world, or the concepts that drive your opinion from a very deep part of your true self. Your personal philosophy is a huge part of who you are, and it is important to know what this is so that you can share the deepest parts of yourself with others.

What Are Your Attributes?

Your attributes are your inherent characteristics, distinguishing traits, or qualities which others are often drawn to. Are you tenacious, determined, outgoing, precocious, steady, dependable or conscientious? These attributes contribute to rounding out the full package of you. Make a list of each attribute that is a part of you and ask yourself this question "How can I begin to use this attribute starting today to live a rich and fulfilling life?"


This article was authored by Bea Fields. Fields is an executive coach, author and public speaker. She is the President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc. and the Founder of Five Star Leader Coaching and Training.