Article by Bea Fields: Leading Through Change
Change efforts are delicate, and they require finesse . They can’t be taken lightly, and they must be communicated from the top to the bottom of the organization. The key to successful transition rests in three simple steps.

Coaching for Corporate Leaders

We are in the midst of an extraordinarily turbulent time in history. In the next few years, corporate leaders will be asked to quickly and creatively adapt to the economic and cultural shifts under way.  With this transition, executives will continue to face a variety of leadership challenges including the war for talent, team conflict and the difficulties which come from trying to communicate in a displaced, virtual world.  The Five Star Leader Program for Corporate Leaders will focus on helping you, the modern day leader, identify the underlying behavioral forces which contribute to success or may trigger failure.  At the core of this program are 16 core competencies which will help you strengthen your leadership skills and credibility while teaching you the fundamentals of coaching so that you can develop strong future leaders for your organization.

Coaching for Corporate Leaders benefits include:

  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Increase bottom line profits
  • Retain top talent
  • Build a strong future direction for your organization
  • Reduce team conflict
  • Generate long-term results by developing "bench strength" on your team

If you are considering working with Bea Fields in a leadership coaching partnership, here is a list of a few of the leadership skills which you may consider addressing:

View the 16 core leadership competencies for corporate leaders

"I believe that a leader's ability to understand the underlying forces which drive success is critical for delivering superior performance. While I always have known this, I really did not fully understand this until I began working with Bea. I knew that I wanted to increase my bottom line and my team's productivity, yet I never knew how learning how to coach my team, improving communication, focus and accountability could affect my bottom line and my team's ability to reach peak performance. Bea's executive coaching and team training provided the strategic personal and professional development we needed as a team to operate more successfully in our organization and to get the results we were seeking ... a 20% increase in productivity in less than 3 months."

~ Dan Landis
St. Joseph of the Pine

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