Article by Bea Fields: Moving Into Action
Your ability to move into action and to achieve bottom line results rests in the power of your thinking. These ten strategies will support you in transforming your desires into concrete action

Coaching for Business Leaders

As an Executive Coach, I have noticed time and time again that most small to medium sized business owners do not see themselves as leaders. They see themselves as the technician, manager, operations director and administrator of their businesses and the thought of developing their own leadership skills never crosses their minds. With the Five Star Leader System for business leaders, you will begin to see yourself as the CEO of both your life and your business so that you are no longer driven and enslaved by your enterprise. By developing your skills as a leader and a powerful vision for your company, you will put yourself in the driver's seat while building a thriving and profitable business for the present and the future.

Coaching for Business Leaders benefits include:

  • Develop a crystal clear vision, mission and strategy for your business
  • Increase productivity and overall effectiveness
  • Increase your free time
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Develop your leadership skills to enhance your effectiveness
  • Improve communication skills so that team tasks are implemented efficiently

"After being a non-profit CEO for over 18 years, Bea Fields helped me discover better ways of organizing my life professionally which has reduced my stress level by 50%! I am now a more productive CEO for my organization and a more effective manager of our team members. Through weeks of coaching, Bea helped me realize some central weaknesses in my communication styles and at the same time helped me turn these weaknesses into opportunities that will be me the best possible manager and leader I can be."

~ Elyse Hilegass
Moore County Chamber of Commerce

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